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Update WhatsApp Version 2.20.173

WhatsApp is the Media by written message favorite by more than half the world. An application that started its climb to the top, long before the social media giant (Facebook), led by its president Mark Zuckerberg, set eyes on it and acquired it for 16,000 million dollars. Since then, it has only grown by leaps and bounds, becoming an indispensable tool, as in the past it was the typewriter or the analog telephone.

But technologies have a small dilemma, something that for some is an inconvenience and for others a great advantage. It’s about the updates. Some see a problem of poor efficiency in programs that continually need to be updated, if you do not do so the application may have errors and even security problems, putting even our own privacy at risk.

Others see in the updates the possibility of improving said APP indefinitely, adapting in this way and evolving along with the times. One way that it is not obsolete and deprecated.

In any case, whether we like it or not, this is a necessary fact if we want to be active and up-to-date in the professional world, since everything has revolved around technologies. And it is that, there are not a few who move through applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram to achieve their goals in life.

Importance of being updated

That is why we recommend being up-to-date with these applications, constantly updating them as they are needed. For this, there is nothing easier than going to the official WhatsApp page, in this case, or through the Google Play Store on Android, as well as the App Store when it comes to iPhone.

We also recommend constantly updating other applications that we may need professionally to avoid security holes, we are talking about applications such as Zoom, Telegram or Skype.