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Differences between Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite

The Facebook applications for Android are not famous for offering a good user experience, precisely. For years, it has been proven that the official tools of the social network are heavy apps, poorly optimized and able to devour remorselessly even the most powerful mobile devices.

That’s why, for years, the company behind the most used social network on the planet offers light versions of its most used apps: they are Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite.

Facebook vs Facebook Lite what differences there are between both applications

Design and usability

Facebook Lite is an application that has clearly been conceived to be used in phones with limited resources and with unstable or low speed network connections. That is why, when installing the application, we will find a much less careful design than in the case of the original app, where straight lines predominate and animations shine by their absence.

When comparing the operation of Facebook Lite with that of Facebook, it is easy to realize that the light application is much faster than the original version, even when the speed of the Internet connection is not on our side.

Characteristics and options

And speaking of features, what is the Facebook app that does not have Facebook Lite, and vice versa? Over the years, Facebook Lite has continued to grow to become an increasingly less Lite app, although still not reaching the disproportionate levels of the original app, the Facebook Lite app occupies just over 30 MB, while storage occupied by Facebook is over 490 MB, having installed both applications at once and practically performing the same actions in both.

Messenger vs Messenger Lite what differences there are between both applications

Design and usability

The main screen of Messenger Lite has everything that could be asked of a messaging application. However, the Messenger Lite home screen has what you might ask from a messaging app, and what does not, too.

Contrary to what happens with the social network app, the lack of icons, graphics and menus in Messenger Lite is more a point in favor than a disadvantage, especially because it facilitates navigation within the application and makes it easy Find exactly what you are looking for at every moment. In addition, as it already happened in Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite feels an app faster than its original version.

Characteristics and options

In Messenger Lite there will be no way to access games, or bots or other options such as the ability to scan QR codes of other people to start talking. Messenger Lite is a simple and simple messaging application that consumes little and weighs even less. In short, what many users expect from a messaging application.

As a general recommendation, Facebook and Messenger should be used in devices that are powerful enough not to suffer slowdowns or problems caused by the lack of optimization of the high consumption of resources of both applications.

While Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, while having evolved over time to incorporate new features, are still aimed at those users who use little social network services and do not need all their tools, or use a low-powered terminal, in addition to normally resorting to limited speed connections.