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How to delete messages sent in Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a tool that everyone in the world uses. Like other communication apps, Messenger helps us to communicate with all our contacts around the world in a fast way and without having to pay extra for it.

But it has happened to all of us in one way or another that we have sent a message by mistake. That uncomfortable moment where we want to have the opportunity to make up for that error. But once the message is sent we can only eliminate it from our side.

In Messenger it is already possible to delete them. As Whatsapp did now in Facebook Messenger we will be able to eliminate sent messages and in this opportunity we will explain how to do it.

With the new function that you have included in the application, we can delete a message within the first ten minutes of sending it. Facebook will place a tombstone in the place of the message, to inform the other person or persons that a message was deleted.

Facebook takes its measurements for the use of the new function

According to Stan Chudnovsky the head of Facebook Messenger said that the advantages that users have with this measure is that they begin to have control of what they write and if they make an error, they can correct it.

Many people will appreciate this new measure because certainly someone has always escaped a message that under no circumstances wanted to send.

He also said that there are many legitimate use cases that they wanted to enable. But he also reported that there are certain potential dangers that must be taken into account, so they needed to make sure they did not open new places for bullying.

On the other hand, as this field opens its advantages, it also has certain disadvantages and that is why Facebook Messenger managers must ensure that people do not send erroneous messages and then deletes them, because if they inform it and the messages are not there, already that way they could not do anything else.

According to these statements Facebook has indicated that the deleted messages will be retained for a few minutes. This is so that people can make a report they think is necessary, even if the message has already disappeared from the conversation.

How can we delete messages for everyone in Messenger?

At the moment the new function is available only in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania, but it is expected that in the next few days it will be extended to the rest of users.

If you belong to one of these countries that we name or are reading this post in the future and want to use the new delete function for all, you must do the following:

Touch and hold on the sent message that you want to delete.

You will see two options: Delete for all and Delete for you (as long as you are within the first 10 minutes of sending the message).

Select delete the message for everyone and you will receive a pop-up message informing you that it will be permanently deleted.