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How to use Tinder on a PC

Tinder is the application that has more users, where most of them are looking for a partner or simply friendship, since millions of new users are added every day. One of the great peculiarities of Tinder is that we can see the distance that we are from someone with whom we are talking.

We all want in addition to getting new friends we want to have the security of knowing who they are and where they live and Tinder thinks about all this. Not only with this app you can get a person to leave with but you have several security data that will help you know where you are and who you are.

Of course there is always one that breaks the rules and lies about your data or address, but it all depends on how we use the application. But today we’re going to talk about what you should do to download this app on your PC.

Learn how to use the Tinder application for PC

While this has enough good things that make the application the best, that’s why many users who do not have access to a mobile phone are looking for the way to download the Tinder application from a PC, laptop, computer or a laptop, which is possible and we will teach you.

Although Tinder is a mobile application, it does not mean that it can not be used from a computer, as it is possible, and there are two ways.

The first is using Tinder from your official PC site, which is enough to enter, a button that says “Start Session” will appear at the top right.

If we already have an account we can start directly using our Facebook if it is linked or also with our phone number if it is in the application, otherwise you will have to register a Tinder account which is free.

The only disadvantage of using Tinder from the web browser is that we lose some functions of the application, so it works the same to perform Match or chat with people.

How to install Tinder on a computer or PC

If you want to download the Tinder application on your PC, there is a way, and it is through the Android Bluestacks Emulator. This allow you to run Android on any PC without any problem, the best of all is that it is very similar to a cell phone which we can control with our Mouse and keyboard.

To download the Bluestacks application, just enter the site or simply in the previous link download the portable version, which is much faster.

Once the application is installed, we only have to enter the Play Store and in the search engine type ‘Tinder’ where you only have to press “INSTALL” where the download will start automatically and the installation of the app will start later.

Once it’s ready to be used it will create a shortcut icon on the Bluestacks Desktop and you’re done.