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iA Writer the most popular writing app on the iOS market

iA Writer is one of the most popular application for writing on iOS and macOS. Its so successful minimalism, how much it helps concentration, the added features it offers and its markdown support make it almost unique.
In the current state in which iA Writer for Windows is located, all the functions of the classic editor are presented in addition to incorporating the folding option. This is the ability to compress and expand chapters of text with one click, especially useful when writings reach remarkable lengths.

However, those responsible for iA want to go even further by offering more translations and a file library like the one being built for the macOS version. The goal is to keep both applications on par.
The launch of the project in Kickstarter will take place once the Christmas holidays are over, with the opening of the beta upon reaching the first objective, and the final product will be available a month later according to the announced forecasts. Depending on how well the campaign works on the crowdfunding platform, the aforementioned file library will be added or not.

What’s new in the iA Writer 5 text editor on iOS

The text editor of iA Writer since its inception has had everything users need, a program to write nothing more than text, this program has had 5 major updates on iOS, but this continues to maintain its essence adapting the best to iOS 11.

iA Writer 5 is currently available in the App Store, remember that this had several months of development and testing, the program developers published the final version with all the improvements they wanted to include from the beginning.

The application offers a more comfortable experience when used, is customizable and adapts to the features included in the iOS 11 and new devices such as the iPhone X.

iA Writer 5 more accessible and adaptable

The new version delivered by the developers aims to give a comfortable and unforgettable experience for Apple users offering a series of features that can adapt to their tastes and needs.
A custom keyboard.

Now in the new update, iA Writer 5 your keyboard is customizable, by pressing the button with the command symbol we can access a secondary keyboard with different actions to manage the documents and format the texts.
The keyboard can be customized with the tools that interest us, we just have to press and hold on a key to modify it.

IOS File Integration

iA Writer 5 is fully integrated with Apple’s file system, so we can open any text document in iA Writer from file and vice versa.
An advanced library.

The new iA Writer 5 allows the user to select multiple documents to edit them, create bookmarks folders or even create smart folders based on different rules, there is no longer the possibility of pins between so many documents.

Quick Search, the ninja feature

iA Writer 5 integrates a quick search button on the keyboard, but this function is not only limited to searching for words or documents, Quick Search is the ninja features of the app, just by writing a few letters of the action we want to execute, this appears and can be done without inconvenience.

For example, you can write “export PDF” this indicates that you want to exfoliate the current document as PDF and this will be done. Explore all the actions you can do by typing “help.”
iPhone X, 3D Touch and more.

Another novelty of iA Writer 5 is that it is compatible with the iPhone X interface, improves the Schemes URL to communicate with other apps, has 3D Touch, has a GitHub template, supports TeX Math, improves smart tables and more , this new update brings endless news to surprise us.

The update of iA Writer 5 is now available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad, if you already had iA Writer 4 you can make a completely free update. The app has a value of 5.49 euros and the Mac version costs about 21.99 euros that will soon have the new version iA Writer 5.

There are many good notes or text applications within the App Store such as Bear, Ulysses, 1Writer, Scriverner, Editorial, among others, but none of this app is going to give you the emphasis you need to write without distractions like iA Writer does. Click here to download the app on your smartphone.