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Improve your lifestyle with Fabulous

Fabulous is a calendar application focused on helping us achieve a healthier lifestyle with challenges that improve our health. Since smartphones have become the center of our digital life, little by little we have ended up replacing our everyday tools with simple applications.

Taking a routine is not always easy, and not only when it comes to work. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is sometimes more complicated than we might think, and much more if we plan to make a radical change in our life. In the end it is easy to return to the old habits, but this application promises to help us that good intentions materialize into something else.

Fabulous is the Google Calendar of healthy living

And why have we mentioned Google Calendar a few lines ago? Well, basically because Fabulous follows not only the same aesthetic, but the same functionality. The objective? May we have a better lifestyle.

When you start the application for the first time, we will see a list with four objectives, three of them being blocked. As an initial routine, we will set the goal of «Feeling more energetic». The application will ask us what time we get up and will propose the first challenge, which consists of drinking water for three days, just getting up. A challenge that does not demand a great sacrifice, but that is quite good for our health.

After explaining the reasons, we will appear in a calendar in which all the healthy life goals that we can meet will appear. The application will show us in letters some tricks and tips to make our path easier to travel.

Something that we liked a lot about this application is that for each challenge or objective we can activate the notifications, so that in case we forget, the mobile reminds us. Remember that by default the notifications of each challenge are disabled, but the application itself will invite us to activate them if we want to.

As we overcome the challenges, the application will propose new challenges that will be increasingly demanding. Developing a healthy routine is complicated, and the creators of this application know it, which is why the complexity of the challenges is gradually increasing. Don’t worry because the first few weeks are very light, which is the best way to adapt to a new routine. To have a good routine, it is better to start small.

In case the challenges proposed by the application know us little by little, we can add new objectives for the morning, afternoon and night. These challenges range from breathing and relaxing to tea or napping. Some simpler, others more complicated, but that will improve your life if you follow this calendar closely.

There is something that we did not like very much about the application, and like any other standard calendar, they could have included a widget for the desktop, so if you want to see your daily goals you will have to enter the application.

Free with premium subscription

Fabulous is an application that we can get for free on Google Play. The application does not include ads, so your business model is based on the premium subscription, although you can use the free version without any problem. Paying 9.99 euros per month (or 99.99 per year) we will have the following:

  • Access to all trips (so called lists of objectives).
  • All premium content.
  • Backups

Without a doubt, it is an application that we liked a lot and that we will continue to use in our day to day, and that we recommend if you also want to start having a routine of good habits and do not know how. If you want to download the application on your smartphone, you can do it here:

Download Fabulous for Android

Download Fabulous for iOS