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Instagram launches new features for people with visual problems

Instagram not only continues to grow in popularity, it is constantly renewed to offer a platform with innovative features and features for all types of users.

In addition, this platform continues to improve the services offered to improve the user experience of all cybernauts by configuring new functions. This time the application will bring new designs so that the profiles are more accessible for people who have visual deficiencies.

Through a web release, Instagram has announced the launch of new alternative text features so that people with visual disabilities can better identify the photos presented in ‘feed’. The company wants to reach the 285 million people with visual disabilities that exist in the world.

These are the new configurations of Instagram that bring to improve the visualizations of the photos in the app.

Automatic alternative text

This feature will allow users to hear a description of the photos uploaded through the screen reader when browsing the feed or profiles. This new function uses object recognition technology to generate a sound description of the photographs.

Custom alternative text

This new configuration will allow users to add their own description of the added photo. This function will also allow those people who use screen readers to listen to these descriptions.

Moderating tool

Instagram configures new ways to interact in its interface so that users with visual problems can access the content of the social network. The implementation of moderating tools, which work with automatic learning, will automatically identify and eliminate accounts that use false followers and ‘likes’.

Instagram tests a new design for the profiles

Instagram has announced that they are testing a series of changes in the design of user profiles. For the company, each user profile is a place where people share who they are, so it was time to change the design with new features so that users can express themselves better.

The idea of ​​this new design is that users can also connect more easily with the people who are interested in their profile. Therefore, during the next few weeks, Instagram users will be able to see the new design for the profiles, which comes with interesting news and features.

Cleaner and easier to use profiles

Among the functions being tested by the famous social network of photography are several reorganized features at the top, such as changes in icons and buttons or the way in which the user navigates between the different tabs. With this redesign, profiles are expected to be cleaner and easier to use.

The company emphasizes that with this new design the photographs and videos that users have shared will continue in the classic grid format. In addition to the biography, users will also see a brief summary with all the information and some data in a slightly smaller format, such as the number of followers or people they follow.

At the moment the moment in which these changes will arrive is unknown, but from Instagram they say that they have been working on them and that they will test them in phases and different combinations with their community during the next weeks. Following feedback from users, the company says they will continue to experiment and update this new design to improve the appearance of the profiles.