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Kraken Pro, the new application for advanced commerce

The Kraken crypto exchange house announced the launch of a mobile application for its Kraken Pro advanced commerce product. This was reported by this US Company through its website.

The application has been launched for Android and iOS devices, specifically for Android 7.0 and iOS 11.0, and their respective later versions. Users can log in through Touch and Face ID. This version of Kraken Pro for mobile is available on Google Play and in the App Store, according to the Kraken statement.

Instead of a username and password, Kraken users can connect the Kraken Pro application to their account using an API key, which can be generated on the exchange house website. In addition, new users have the option of creating an account or logging in directly to the mobile application.

New features for all its users

The Kraken Pro application for mobile devices will allow you to view recent business history and complete history of orders, operations, positions, deposits and withdrawals, including, through a graph, view past operations and open orders. Also, Kraken Pro users will be able to see the balance in each of the assets in different quote currencies.

As regards advanced commercial characteristics, in the Kraken Pro publication they indicated that traders may take short or long positions in eight crypto assets, with a trading margin of 5; open and close many positions with ease; In addition to establishing start and expiration times for orders, and the options to pay each of these with fiat money or crypto assets.

In addition, Kraken Pro offers real-time price updates, various options for displaying graphics and order books, including intuitive and mini-graphic depth graphs with colors and percentages of change over time for each of the crypto assets.

Kraken Pro users have at their disposal more than 100 crypto market options, available on the platform to buy, sell and exchange, including projects: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Basic Attention Token, Monero, Dai, among others.

Through Kraken Pro, users can locate a specific crypto asset by scrolling through the list and, to facilitate access to favorite crypto assets, they also offer an option to highlight them. By clicking on a specific crypto asset you can see its current price, performance tables, percentage change and all the commercial pairs available for that crypto asset.

In search of a better experience

The application also shows the total funds of the users, as well as separates the trust funds from the funds in crypto assets; In addition, it allows visualizing the total margin, available capital and open positions, and monitoring the performance of crypto assets; It also allows you to calculate the profit per transaction.

As regards the order book, purchase and sale offers, recent transactions in the exchange, limit, margin and leverage, expiration of orders and start dates and completion of custom orders can be displayed in Kraken Pro.

As for the management of the commercial margin, the application offers the options to visualize and close open positions; calculate average price, used margin and available capital; See earnings and losses per position and create additional orders.

Since last September 25, LINK and DAI tokens can be marketed on the Kraken exchange platform. This exchange said that these tokens would also be available in Kraken Pro and OTC products.

The Kraken exchange house was founded in 2011 in San Francisco, California. Kraken was selected as a contributor in the investigation of the hack to the exchange house Mt. Gox and in the process of returning the bitcoins to their creditors.

If you want to download the App in your smartphone, please click here:

Kraken Pro for Android

Kraken Pro for iOS