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Make accounts in shared expenses with Splitwise

Splitwise is the best because I have tried several and this makes everything easier. The first thing is to create the event and give it a name, you can even put a photo. This can be done by any of the users. Then, you can send an invitation to the email of each of the participants or through the application, if it has been previously used.

Everyone must install the application and add the payments they make. This tool makes the sum of expenses and indicates how much money each owes. You can choose to share the expenses among all or to simplify and unify the distribution so as not to have to pay each part of what you have spent, but a total.

The best thing is that there are no mistakes or shame. Everything, even the smallest purchase, can be added to the table. Splitwise does not allow payments through the application but sends periodic notifications so that nobody forgets that he owes money.

It is his least good part, since he leaves us again the part of convincing the delinquent to pay. Although we can always make the payment through Bizum, a free tool that is currently implemented by almost all Spanish banks and allows instant transfers of less than 500 euros only with the phone number. Debts are best resolved at the time, if not eternalized.

Once the debt payment is made or received, it is confirmed in the app and the balance is zero. Just in case you need more data, you can also download the total operations in an excel file. When the trip ends you can continue using the application or delete it until the next getaway.

Manage and pay travel expenses

Splitwise is the best to control expenses, but there are other applications that allow payments to be made at the moment, so that agony is not prolonged or the debtor must be insisted. The problem is that they do not allow payments and debts to be managed so well.

For example, when someone has paid more than the others, Splitwise does not grant you any debt. Subtracts and tells others how much they should pay, but the applications that allow payments do not perform these operations. If you pay 200 and another 100, according to the app you owe 50 and you owe 100.

Verse is one of these applications that allows instant payments, up to a maximum of € 300. It is actually a banking application to make payments instantly, but it offers very good use to share expenses. After installing it, it will ask for your phone number and send a verification code. As you are going to perform banking operations, you must send a photo of your ID.

Then, create a group with the people participating in the trip. Unlike with Splitwise, here you can choose them from your contacts agenda.

Now you can add expenses or payments and associate them with the group you just created. The application will notify each of the participants how much money they owe and how much they owe them, and you can make the payment instantly after entering the card or bank account details.

Once the payment is made, the debt is paid. Seeing yourself is a good option to pay at the moment and excellent if the people you travel with are reputed to be delinquent. However, in my opinion, Splitwise allows you to better manage shared expenses and combines great with Bizum.

If you want to download the application you can do it by these means, it depends on the operating system you have:

Download Splitwise for Android

Download Splitwise for iOS