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Meet the new Tinder dating application and how it works

The first time you decide to enter Tinder and log in to your application, everything is new and you may not fully understand the operation. Then little by little you will understand the most basic of this application to link, although it has its trick to the end, even for the most expert users.

Tinder is today the application of its leading segment around the world and with quite a difference, but the road to this position has not been fast. Since it was founded and launched for iOS in August 2012, it has changed substantially, although the basic concepts have been maintained.

Little by little it has been growing until almost monopolizing the dating sector, especially among younger users, although it is expanding the type of users to make room for everyone.

The operation of Tinder is simple and that explains its success, both in number of users and in revenue. For quite some time it has already been one of the most profitable mobile apps in the market, and it is not that few people decide to pay to access Tinder Premium and all its features.

For now its creators seem to have the clear intention to continue expanding the number of people using the application, especially removing the fear of this type of apps to users who are still reluctant. At the same time, they also have plans to improve their ability to monetize users who prefer to use it for free, giving them certain advantages that encourage them to pay by cash.

If you do not know what Tinder is or how it works, we explain step by step everything you need to know about the best application to link.

How to access Tinder and create your profile

The first step to enter Tinder is obviously to download your application. It is a service designed by and for mobile devices with Internet connection and GPS, two essential requirements to use your app.

You can download it for iOS and Android. The interface and operation are identical in both systems, and you can meet people who are discharged regardless of the operating system you use:

Once you have correctly installed the app, do not wait any longer: open it. Do not be afraid because Tinder is totally free unless you want to pay for some extras that we will explain later. You do not have to give a credit card or payment method of any kind.

Of course, as you will see in the first screen that opens, to access Tinder and create a profile it is essential to link your account with Facebook or give your phone number.

It is a major inconvenience for many people who fear that all their Facebook friends know they are in this application to flirt, but do not worry because we explain how to hide your friends that you have Tinder.

Once you manage to create your profile, it’s time to customize it. What exactly does this consist of? Some basic information is needed to complete this step: Email, Name, Age and Upload at least one profile picture.

Once you’re in, you can expand your profile with a description of up to 499 characters and your profession or company.

With this information, your potential liaisons will know something more about you before giving you like or no. The first thing you see is the main photo and it has a star as a watermark so that you can see much more.