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The best finance apps you should have

All financial advisers agree that the first step, the foundation, the foundation of good financial planning is the order in personal accounts. Financial applications and economics applications help us manage all these issues and we can make in a new way.

You can easily control your expenses with the correct use of the apps. Thanks to smartphones and other computer tools, any individual user can manage their expenses and personal income with these applications.

With the correct use of this information, you will see how your finances will change and therefore you will learn a little more about the new way you can save your money and have a constant check of your expenses so you can improve financially.

The 5 best Finance Applications


It is an expense control application. This app let you create budgets and have a better control accounts and invoices.

It offers the option of establishing fixed expenses, such as loans or direct debits.


Maybe Fintonic is one of the best known financial applications that exist in the market.

The application is useful for its centralization system of all your financial information. Fintonic also establishes a secure connection with the entities that you work with and allows you to organize all of them through a single tool.

Fintonic stands out for its alert service if the app sees that something important happens with your money. In this way you will avoid duplicate receipts, bank overdrafts and undue commissions.


This application also has its own alert service, very similar to the previous financial application.

The discounts and promotions in online purchases are what makes Mooverang different. So if you frequently make electronic purchases, this application can be very useful.


In addition to imposing order on your accounts, as in the previous cases, this app makes a financial guidance on where your money is going to stop each month. This way you will have more control and knowledge of what is happening with your income and expenses.

It is really useful to make forecasts and budgets. If what you want is a detailed observation of your personal finances in order to cut costs or save, Myvalue is one of the financial applications that can help you.

In it you can do tasks such as knowing how your investments are going, what is the value of your house or your car, etc.


The positive thing about Wallet is that it has support in the cloud and you can access it through the web from any device. It also has support for Android and iOS tablets and phones.

In general, financial applications and economic applications offer a series of advantages that make their use highly recommended.

One of the maxims to be able to prosper towards your financial freedom is to manage your life as if it were a company. In this aspect the financial applications make it possible and in such a simple way that it is surprising.