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The new app to create videos and Tik Tok’s rival

If what you are passionate about is making music videos, but you are a little tired of the same applications so you can use the new app Like that is an app that offers you a bunch of possibilities and a great social community behind it.

Its use may seem, at first, a little messy and jumbled, but nothing is further from reality. You only make your video and share them with other people.

The application makes recently its appearance in the Android operating system. It is not a heavy app because it only rest to your phone under 40 MB, so you can download it with data or Wi-Fi connection in your hand. Once installed, you have to give the corresponding permissions: location, subscription and ready, you are ready to make your first video.

People assure that editing videos could be complicated, but it is not. Simply, you have to throw imagination. Select the effect you like most or select another effect and, thus, successively. You make this step until you get the final and spectacular result you wanted.

Benefits of using the App Like

Unique Music Magic filter

The music rhythm recognition technology is unique in the world. Various effects presented according to the change of tone, intonation and volume. This filter let you mix music and special effects together, in order to create your great music videos.


LIKE has collected millions of more interesting dialogues. You can become the protagonist of the favorite movie, sharing your acting skills and joy to people around the world.

4D Magic – unique in the whole world

By mastering segmentation technologies in the foreground and in the background, in addition to the body edge recognition function, LIKE can help you perform more effects such as flying, traveling in time and space, traveling to Lilliput, etc. In addition, you can change scene without problem with more than 20 types of effects of appearance and disappearance.

The best technologies in the world “superpowers”!

Control rain, snow, thunder, fire and even the earth through your gestures. The world’s first recorder and editor to create magical videos: through the leading technology of body movement recognition + self-learning AI algorithm model, this is how we carry out the innovative video recording with movement control and gestures with special effects.

Unlike post-editing video applications, you can achieve more than 10 types of superpowers by gesture and movement. What you see, is what you have, it’s super easy to record magical videos!

Meanwhile, through the technology of recognition of body movements and special effects, we proudly present X-ray dance and lightning dance. It’s time for you to be great and fun!

Magic Touch

More than 50 very funny magical touch effects including heart, fire, rain, star. making your videos completely perfect!


The most beautiful, cool, ugly, magical, elegant, fun, stickers is continuously updating. Bloom, heart, and spit fire with which you can make selfies more fun.

Beauty filters

The functions of Smart Beauty along with several filters make you perfect in the video automatically!