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Tik tok, the unknown and new social network that devastates among young people

The world of the internet and the smartphone does not stop growing. It is not surprising, since the first smart phone was launched on the market more than a decade ago; the world population has gradually been given over to its use. And now, trends do nothing but change. If Whatsapp, Facebook or Instagram are giants in this market, now a competitor comes out: Tik tok.

It is an app for iPhone and Android that is being a success in this 2018. Born in China under the name of ‘Douyin’ (musical vibration) between January and March of this year managed to surpass by far the downloads of other well-known applications as mentioned. Well, its success is such that millions of young people begin to use it assiduously.

Tik tok works in a very simple way. It basically captures a selfie video of a person that lasts about 15 seconds and adds a musical track. That is, it is capable of creating small musical clips with visual effects and filters. A revolution of the well-known “stories” of other social networks and that is percolating among the youngest audience between 18 and 24 years old.

What you can do with Tik Tok

If you have ever used, you already know what you can do with TikTok, since both applications have always been similar, and after merging, the options that both could have been unified.

The application has a main screen where you can watch the popular videos or the people you follow, being able to scroll up or down to go through videos. There is also a browse page where you can search for clips and users, or browse between hashtags that may interest you.

When you see a video, it is shown in full screen, with a series of icons on the right with which you can follow the user, like, comment or share the clip.

The application has a main screen in which you will directly see a selection of all types of content. Also, as if it were Instagram, it has a second category of searches in which you can perform searches by hand or automatically see the results of the main hashtags that are available.

In the center you also have the button where you can access the great protagonist of the application, its tool for recording and editing videos. You can record your videos with several shots, since the app only records while you keep pressing the corresponding button.

Of course, before starting to record the video you will have several options of filters and effects with which to control them.

When editing the video, you can select shots or phases in which to add other effects on your own. You have for example a series of filters of the style to those of Instagram, as well as different types of effects to manipulate the videos. The editor will mark you with different colors the different areas in which you have edited the video.

Beyond the videos, the way to publish content also lets you create slides from a series of photographs that you choose. In addition, the application also includes a section where you can send messages to other users as you can also do in Instagram, and even edit your profile and the data you say about yourself.