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Unfold, an app for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become the multimedia content of most attention among all existing networks and platforms. That is why Unfold is a perfect app for these leaders to create Instagram Stories.

And, knowing how to perform Instagram Stories can mean the difference that everyone passes from you, or you receive praise from all those followers. The best of all is that Unfold is not simply based on displaying images well placed in templates, but it is the video that takes the leading role. You can create Instagram Stories of several videos at the same time to leave your followers with their mouths wide open.

An app for all types of users

If you are a social media professional, surely Unfold will interest you in those templates that allow you to have the best base to upload them to the social network and finish the lace with a few images and fun and curious text for those Instagram Stories stickers.

From the first moment you launch Unfold, you will have the option of using one of the free templates available in the app. There is a great variety, so we have a choice. And if you see that you need more, there are three premium sets for € 0.99 each with which you can satisfy your needs.

Each of these templates are perfectly optimized to upload the work done to Instagram. You only have to choose if you want a template with a large image and precise text, or better move to one with several boxes, in case you would like to present a product for your ecommerce.

The best: that you can mix video

And not only can you add images, but you can use the videos you’ve recorded to complete an Instagram Stories of ten. That is, animated GIFs or short videos can be used so that for 15 seconds (it is the maximum duration allowed), you can show several at once.

The only thing that will take a little time to post process the video after we have made the previous settings. With Unfold you have up to 25 templates and 45 premiums, and the option to use 4 fonts. Maybe we would like to be able to access different fonts, but for now it is not bad for some early versions of an app that promises a lot.

Another of its details is important is that the file in which you export your Instagram Story is in high quality, so you can use it even for other social networks. It must also be said that it is an app that demands resources, although really, if we add several videos, it will only take the thumbnail to “move” the different modifications we make.

An app with a long way to go

Just like Instagram Stories have a lot of future, Unfold is an app that has it the same. You only need more content to become an essential app for any type of user who likes to upload content to Instagram Stories. The best thing is that we can have the templates, take some photos, add them, put a text, export and we can upload it to Instagram.

Surely you will start receiving more direct messages and your Instagram Stories will reach new viewers who daily join to see what you sell, what you draw, where you went on your vacation or just how your breathing sounds when you wake up in the day. A special application for those who want to tell their stories, as it offers that quality point to put the icing on Instagram Stories.

Unfold is available for free in the Google Play Store and allows you to take Instagram Stories to another high point. If you are a super fan of Instagram it is a simply indispensable app. A little patience, a few minutes, some good photos and your followers will be at your feet.

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