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WhatsApp for PC

An essential tool for everyone who works from home, is undoubtedly the WhatsApp platform for PC, since it saves time, work and keeps you always connected without losing the attention of your work tool (the computer). It also has multiple advantages, such as the versatility to maintain direct, fluid and constant communication with coworkers, without a doubt an application that you cannot miss on your online dashboard.

Benefits that you will find when using WhatsApp Web:

1.- Manage work groups. 2.- You will save time and help planning events and projects. 3.- Be connected in the distance. 4.- It is inexpensive, although the true word would be free. 5.- It is highly efficient.

If yours is not technology and you are not very familiar with this desktop APP, do not worry, I assure you that it is extremely easy to use, for this you only need to have your account of said APP connected to your mobile phone, download the program through its official page, open your application settings and select WhatsApp Web, once the camera is activated you just have to point to your computer screen, to capture the QR code and thus have WhatsApp active in your mobile phone.


If you do not want to install an application on your computer to be able to have WhatsApp on your PC or Mac, you can also choose the online option, this is a platform of this messaging service that gives you the same feature as WhatsApp PC, it is an option comfortable and that does not waste resources on your hard disk, in addition, there are not many differences between both platforms, both are comfortable, easy to obtain and install and above all economic, since it is completely free.

If with all that we have indicated you do not see the advantage of having WhatsApp installed for PC or Mac, you also have other options such as Telegram web or even Skype, a classic for videoconferences, the problem of the latter is that too many people have it installed on your computer, instead WhatsApp is used by everyone.

Before this advantageous option existed, people used emulators, which are programs that, as the name implies, emulate a virtual environment, in this case an Android device, but this was extremely cumbersome, since they had to first open the emulator, with the boot time that this entails, then go to Google Play, for this you had to have an account, and from there install WhatsApp, apart from its slowness, it was not a comfortable system to use, so this current solution is perfect to be able to keep your session open while you work.