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Whatsapp will make group calls easier and faster

Whatsapp by far remains the most widely used message app worldwide. Millions of people daily download this app. Worst one of the weak points I had is that although I already had groups, you could not make group calls.

Whatsapp is a chat application for latest generation mobile phones, the so-called smartphones. It is used to send text and multimedia messages among its users.

One of the keys to the success of this application lies in its accessibility. It has a simple operation and its learning is very easy. Everyone can start sending and receiving whatsapp immediately. You choose what you want to share, write (or not) a message and press the send button. To receive, open the application and select the conversation.

After a study time, the app finally took the option among its users and this certainly made it even more downloaded. But today it makes that function much faster and easier.

Whatsapp group calls and video calls have been with us for a few months now, although the process to carry them out is a bit convoluted: you must first call a person, and then invite the rest. Once you get used to it, nothing happens, but for new users the process is far from intuitive.

Luckily, group calls are going to be simplified in a future update, as WaBetaInfo has been able to test in both iOS and Android: to call the members of a group, you only need to press a new call button and choose all the contacts.

You will call everyone at once

As we mentioned earlier, to make a group whatsapp call, you first had to call a person and then add the rest. Unlike other applications, there was no official way to start a call with all your assistants at the same time.

This will change in the future, although with some conditions. You can start a call with a group of people, but at the moment only if they are within the same group. You also need to have these people on your contact list, something that does not always happen with groups.

This new call button will be located in the upper bar, next to the group name. The limitation of the members of a group call is still there, four people, so do not expect the button to call the whole group immediately. No, instead you must select the contacts you want to add, as well as press the corresponding button to start a voice or video call.

This novelty was first seen in the beta of Whatsapp for iOS and is now when it also appears in the beta for Android, although it is not yet active for many countries. But the truth is that we are waiting for it because we know that it will simplify group calls a lot.

And today, above all, women no longer speak alone but rather everything is in consensus or groups. So soon the option will be available for all users who already have whatsapp installed on their phones.