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You can now download Snapseed 2.8 with text filters

We are all lovers of photography, but above all of good photography. Very few apps help us to leave our photos as made by professionals and Snapseed is one of them.

The popular photo editor owned by Google has received a couple of interesting improvements. If you download Snapseed 2.8 you will find the possibility to add text filters and also resize the final image. Undoubtedly, these interesting features that show that this program becomes more and more complete and approaches desktop alternatives.

Now we can add text boxes in Snapseed with ease, and many options are offered: different fonts and styles, colors, control of opacity, size. With this we can add the text filter that best suits our needs. In Snapchat 2.8 it is also possible to control the size in which images are saved or shared.

For example, we have the option to indicate resolutions of 4.000, 2.000, 1.920, 1.366 or 800 pixels (of the longest side), or to continue without limit, like until now. They are improvements to take into account, which makes the app even more complete, although the truth is that it is a very careful photo editor. The best thing is that Snapseed can be downloaded at no cost.

The truth is that these developments complete an app that already works very well. It’s worth downloading Snapseed 2.8 and making advanced photo edits from our mobile devices. That yes, as it is normal in this type of programs, the advantage that we make of them depends on our knowledge of photography.

What we should know about Snapseed before using it

Snapseed is considered a very complete photo editor for smartphone photography, but based on the simplicity of editing as its strong point due to being designed for mobile devices.

Snapseed offers various functions that can be summarized in two categories: manual editing and filters in the purest Instagram style, an application that continues to leave a mark in photo editing. Within the manual edition we find the automatic correction of contrast, which can help us correct some photos in a very simple way while effective.

An option that will surely win many followers is that of the edition by zones and not by all the photography. This allows that if in an area we want to change the brightness, contrast or saturation and leave the rest as is, we just have to select the area to modify and make adjustments as we want it to come out.

Then we move on to the complete edition of the photograph, which allows us to modify more factors in the whole image. These factors are brightness, ambience, contrast and white balance. The control of these aspects is simple to the maximum; we only have to slide vertically to change what we want to modify and horizontally to decide how much we change it.

Other options that surely or like is the options to straighten an image, cut and change the level of detail. In the first we will have the option to rotate the image to get the correct inclination, for which we will help with some guides. As for the clipping system we can help that we have templates for different proportions and printing formats.